Monday - Friday
7am Tom
10am Barghy
1pm Warren Miller
4pm Jim Moore
7pm Decade Delve - An hour of songs from one decade...
Monday - The 60's,
Tuesday - The 70's
Wednesday - The 80's
Thursday- The 90's
Friday - The 00's.
Wed. 8 - 10 The retro chart repeat.
8pm Club Hud Dance with Tom
11pm Non- Stop Hits overnight.

More Music Weekends...
7am Barghy
10am Music Jam
2pm Chris Marsden
6pm Dance Decade's with Jess
10pm Music Jam

8am Jim
12pm Jess
2pm Chris Marsden
5pm The Retro Chart with Warren Miller
7pm - Midnight The Decade Delve Marathon - from the 60s to the 00s