Why don't you have news bulletins?

When radio started it was one of the only places to get instant news. Nowadays, it's everywhere, especially on your phone. We are on your phone too.

Why have you stopped doing the weather?

Again, it's in your phone. If you follow us on social media, we update it every day.

Are you on FM?

No, analogue radio is being phased out. DAB is the current digital platform for radio and most people listen to station on their app. In the future, cars will have 5g and therefore you tell your car to listen to us.

Are you really local?

Yes. All of our presentation team were born in Nottinghamshire. They know the area like we the back of their hands.

Do you do traffic and travel?

No. This service is available on phones. Most people are only interested in traffic for the roads they are on therefore, listing a load of roads you aren't on seems silly.

Why don't you play chart songs?

Our target audience is over 35 - We want you to remember the times you heard a certain song.