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Are You Gonna….

We have had a few questions about taking NETWORKED SHOWS. These are rogrammes made for small stations to beef-up the schedules.
We only broadcast content that is made for Nottinghamshire. Networking is wrecking local radio output and is killing it.

New Shows Launched!

Weeknights from 10 we live the decades.
Monday – 60’s
Tuesday – 70’s
Wednesday – 80’s
Thursday – 90’s
Fridays – 00’s
Catch up and listen again at anytime!

New Catch-up Launched

As we grow and grow with more shows, we thought it was only right to let you listen when YOU choose.
Just click on the show you have missed.
Why not listen to the breakfast show in the evening?

Local Band

Do you live in Nottinghamshire?

Do you Write Your Own Material?


We Want To Hear From You

Look For The Robin Man To Win

Somewhere on this site is our little green Robin man.

He’s on the win page as an example for what you are looking for.

Flick through the site and when you spot him, fill out the win form and you are in the draw!

At the end of march one lucky person will win an Alexa dot!

Head over to the win page to see what he looks like (and don’t put your answer as the win page coz that doesn’t count)


Help For Local Business

We are here to help in the lockdown.

If you are offering click and collect, takeaway or any other services, get on the business directory.

It’s a flat fee off £15 a month!

Stats don’t lie… Our website is only 3 days old and has attracted over 1000 vistors already!

Get your business on our website.

Your business name

Your services

Your website

Your pictures

Sign Up Here 


FM is going to be switched off within a few years. Just like TV went from analogue to digital , FM will go to DAB.

Within 10 years FM will go and DAB will probably be superseded by 5G.

We are getting in early with future technology .

Let’s face it, FM was good in cars but half the time in shops etc it was patchy. When you went out of the area it disappeared . With apps, smart speakers and online, we are everywhere.

Going on holiday? Take us with you!

Our apps are free and to stream the station uses a tiny amount of data.

Alexa are the new radios. Cheap and you only have to talk to them to play the radio. No knobs to turn or dial to search.


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